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    Gender: female

    Year of birth: 2011

    Breed: mix


Candy is a very affectionate mare who delights in caresses and contact.

He has a very active step and shows a very good predisposition when working.

Enjoys the walks in the woods.

In the field, it is the dominant mare of the herd.







     Gender: female

     Year of birth: 2004

     Breed: haflinger


Viola is a quiet mare, strong and brave.

Its characteristics and experience as a horse of therapies make it exceptional.

She loves hiking in the mountains.

In the field, he usually spends most of his time with Candy.




     Gender: female

     Year of birth: 2010

     Breed: mix

Nala is a quiet mare and has a special affinity with the little ones.

Her favorite moment of the sessions is when they brush her.

She really enjoys all the foot exercises on the floor, where he is docile and respectful of users.




     Gender: female

     Year of birth: 2002

     Breed: mix, pony C


Freya has a long experience doing hippotherapy.

It is a very noble mare.

She is in charge of doing therapeutic flipping with the little ones.

Many children have overcome fears on their backs.

In the field, she is usually goes with Milka and Xisca.




     Gender: female

     Year of birth: 2008

     Breed: mix, pony C


Milka is a pony with good equine therapy skills. In the sessions where we work on the ground, it is usually connected to the activities we carry out and easily creates links with users.

It is very greedy and she is happy if there is food nearby.

She is twinned with Freya.





     Gender: male

     Year of birth: 2006

     Breed: mix, pony A


Rei is a fearless, active and fast pony .

During the sessions he usually acts as a regulator of the emotions of the users who interact with him.

It has a very sweet character and gives away many magical moments when they brush it off.

In the field, he spends most of his time with his friend Drac.




     Gender: male

     Year of birth: 2006

     Breed: shetland, pony A


It is the smallest therapy pony.

His calmness, experience and infinite patience with the little ones make him very nice.

It helps us a lot in the ground floor sessions with people with reduced mobility as it has learned to adapt to the rhythm of the user.

He is very close to his friend Rei.



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